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Louisa May Alcott-Term Paper Essay Example for Free

Louisa May Alcott-Term Paper Essay Numerous writers use encounters from their life as a manual for their composition. It’s an approach to communicate their sentiments and feelings, and it’s something in which they can be enthusiastic. Journalists and creators think on an unexpected level in comparison to any other person. They are continually considering various thoughts for books, sonnets or stories. The best composing originates from the individuals who utilize their own lives as a reason for their composition. They realize what to expound on and how to portray it consummately. The best thing about composition as a matter of fact, I believe, is that, since it’s still an anecdotal story, you can have a thought regarding what you need to expound on, yet you’re still ready to include the fascinating and fun subtleties you need to. I accept that Louisa May Alcott has composed from her own background. In Eight Cousins, Rose Campbell’s father died and she went to live with two of her aunties and her uncle, firmly encompassed by her seven male cousins, just as their moms. She was a wiped out young lady and the main fix her uncle could consider was to get dynamic, regardless of whether it was viewed as genteel or not. At the point when the two initially met, he promptly persuaded her to be outside more and to invest somewhat less energy contemplating her wellbeing. Alcott was seen as a boyish girl and would regularly play outside, climbing trees or going around. She had a kid neighbor, about her age, with whom she would frequently play. The two were practically indistinguishable for some time, and he was portrayed by Alcott as the sibling she generally needed. Proceeding in Eight Cousins, Rose become a close acquaintence with the servant of the family unit, Phebe, and in the long run embraced her as her own sister. Rose put stock in decent training, as did Alcott, and would instruct Phebe a wide range of various school subjects individually. Rose was knowledgeable in Latin and wanted to peruse. She particularly delighted in school, and was incredibly savvy, however the vast majority of the young ladies in her time weren’t instructed. Both Rose and Phebe anticipated the occasions when they would get the opportunity to concentrate together. Phebe was never instructed, however she wished to be, and truly refreshing Rose for educating her. â€Å"For ladies, for example, Alcott, the world where they live included ladies who expected to move past the conventional household ideal.†(â€Å"Unsexed†) Rose was a piece of the family living in a house with a servant. She was relied upon to tidy up after herself, as was every other person, yet she went past that, offering to cook or perfect, in any event, when the assistance wasn’t asked of her. She ensured she was instructed and solid, yet still humble simultaneously. Rose consistently needed to help. In Eight Cousins, it was conspicuously noticed that once Rose went to live with her aunties, uncles, and cousins, there was a significant improvement in her. â€Å"In a time when ladies had scarcely any alternatives for winning cash, Alcott resolved to beat her family’s neediness through her productive writing.† (â€Å"Louisa† 3) Alcott’s family battled when it came to cash, however in the wake of moving a few times, things got some what simpler, particularly when Alcott herself began bringing in cash on her works. â€Å"In the later adolescent novel Rose in Bloom, the topic of women’s rights is intertwined for the duration of the lives of its characters.†(â€Å"Louisa† 3) Alcott never wedded, and some portion of the explanation was that she didn’t need to surrender her autonomy. This was a period where ladies weren’t given as much regard as men, and scarcely had any opportunity for themselves. Alcott was a lot of an ace women’s rights advocate. She did all that she could to attempt to get a state in the public eye. She joined clubs and gatherings, and challenged the treatment ladies were given. â€Å"Alcott was consistently a solid promoter for social changes including annulment, jail change, and balance, yet her essential endeavors were coordinated towards the reason for women’s suffrage.† (â€Å"Louisa† 3) In Rose in Bloom, Rose came back from a multi year journey abroad and concluded that she was going to leave her imprint in this world. She was a well off young lady, so she utilized a ton of her cash to open up homes for ladies and kids out of luck. Rose also accepted that ladies merited an equivalent state in this world. â€Å"Her adolescent stories underscore benevolence and dedication to duty.†(â€Å"Louisa† 2) â€Å"Such books have remained incredibly famous for over a century† (â€Å"Louisa† 1) Alcott was an exemplary essayist and she utilized her composition as an approach to support herself. Both Eight Cousins and Rose in Bloom can be considered nearly auto-true to life, yet her fundamental story that identified with her own life was Little Women, for which Alcott is generally well known. Little Women was around four young ladies who experienced their life encountering various occasions en route. At the point when Alcott was composing, she got a solicitation from her distributer to compose a novel about an ordinary American young lady. She was wary from the start, however then concurred. Alcott utilized herself, just as her three sisters, as her motivation for the four primary characters. â€Å"The courageous woman of Little Women, for instance, is a defiant young lady who makes progress toward freedom and individual accomplishment as an essayist, at the end of the day alters her fantasies when she gets hitched a reality that has made this novel be viewed as antifeminist by some critics.†(â€Å"Louisa† 1) Although not everything that occurred in the book happened to her, a large number of the occasions occurred in her own life. â€Å"A unmistakable subject in quite a bit of Alcott’s fiction is the contention experienced by ladies who must pick among singularity and the obligations of family duties and social traditions.†(â€Å"Louisa† 1) Alcott went past what was anticipated from her and decided to be a person. She didn’t acknowledge how ladies were dealt with, so she defended herself and utilized her books and compositions to tell about it. â€Å"Her rebellious electrifying stories resisted nineteenth century estimations of womanhood, yet in addition opposed the lessons of her dad, Bronson Alcott, who had confidence in customary ‘femininity’ and sentimentalism, in a quest for human perfectionism.†(â€Å"Louisa† 2) Alcott really utilized her life and emotions as her reason for composing, which is obvious in her books. I accept that is the reason she ended up being such an incredible author. She composed from her heart and wasn’t hesitant to tell individuals who she truly was. WORKS CITED Alexander, Lynn. Unsexed by work: white collar class ladies and the need to work. bNet. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 May 2011. Ditchfield, Christin. Louisa May Alcott: Author of Little Women. Educational Inc., 2005. Print.

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People resourcing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Individuals resourcing - Essay Example These progressions offer associations openings and difficulties for achievement in equivalent measure. These conditions cause the change the idea of human asset arranging. Achievement in the present powerful market expects organizations to improve execution. Improvement incorporates lessening costs, improving quality, ingenuity, innovativeness, and speed focused on profitability. These obligations lay on individuals who make up the association since they make both long haul and momentary authoritative arrangements. HR include most significant assets in any association that works with the point of making progress (Wernerfelt 1984, 19). An unstable business condition implies that the administration of business associations must grasp that essential methods for increasing upper hand have changed. The business world has seen different organizations breakdown in the monetary downturn that is gradually being overseen. Organizations hit by the downturn extend from world driving protection, assembling, and handling organizations. National governments over the world needed to rescue some the organizations to spare them from unavoidable breakdown. Nature saw different organizations close their activities in certain pieces of the world to limit use. The financial downturn didn't extra national economies with Greece’s monetarily disintegrating. The European Union is battling to enable the nation to revive its economy. Italy is likewise battling. Human asset arranging must be utilized to grow new methodologies that will enable the organization to stay serious in the market. Human asset arranging encourages the organization to think about issues that empower picking up of upper hand. The administration of organizations ought to perceive that typical wellsprings of accomplishment are as yet solid however human asset arranging upgrades supportability of achievement. Normal components that lead to progress incorporate economies of scale, creation innovation that covers b oth procedure and item, and secured markets. The contribution by progress factors offers upper hand. HR show up at the highest point of the stepping stool in the administration order of associations. This shows their significance in the running of business organizations. HR the executives conducts work investigation forms before selecting qualified representatives with suitable abilities for explicit employments. It likewise improves responsibility of representatives and ensures that the organization holds the best by dealing with their government assistance (Lado 1994, 31). At the point when the human asset division does this, it persuades representatives since it deals with the requirements of the workforce. A business association appreciates an upper hand by making an incentive for its customers. The association must concentrate on item and administration separation. It is significant that the organization give administrations and items that are novel. To do this, HR must single out various markets and treat them as people. The fixation ought to be on specific market portions or gatherings and ensure that the items and administrations they get are viable and more proficient than those gave by contenders are in a similar market (Wright 2007, 56). During the time spent accomplishing upper hand, HR adopt a three-pronged strategy including cost initiative,

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What Trains Make Me Think Of

What Trains Make Me Think Of This summer, Im working part-time at the Division of Student Life (in addition to still blogging for MIT Admissions sorry eager blogging frosh-to-be, my spots still taken, but were looking for more bloggers!). As it turns out, my office isnt very far away from where I live. Being able to work close to home is a plus for me, but in my case, it still does involve a commute ranging anywhere from 20-25 miles and thats just in one direction. Thats not insurmountable by any means, but it does add up to a substantial amount of time. The commute starts pretty early. For the first leg of the trip, I hitch a ride with my dad to his job site in Needham, where I catch one of three trains between the hours of 7:30 and 8:30 am. Thankfully, theres an incentive for my atypical early bird behavior. The fare, both on the commuter rail and in the T stations in the Cambridge-Boston area, is subsidized by MIT, a perk available to MIT staff, faculty, and registered students. Then theres the train ride itself, which has become my favorite part of the whole thing. In the morning I board the Needham line going inbound, which carves a meandering, scenic path through Massachusetts that veers down south for a spell, before cruising up to the northeast. The 40 minute route diverges from most major highways, rolling through well-to-do neighborhoods, tunnels coated in bold graffiti, and verdant stretches of trees and grass in the process. Evenings see me taking the Framingham/Worcester line, characterized by equally-rewarding views and a considerable amount of time spent running parallel to the Mass Pike. In a world where attention seems split and starved, the accompanying sights beckon my eyes to rest. Each day that I work in Cambridge and on days where Im simply there for other business or for friends I enjoy that experience. Its odd, then, how commuting has won a reputation for being dreadful, or for feeling like useless, dead time: even if you like your job (as I do), it can feel like an inconvenient stretch of time between places perhaps an obstacle to clear, or distance to cover before you do what you want (or have) to do. Its the sort of thing where youre only kept awake enough not to miss your stop, yet tired enough to make you want to immediately go to bed when you get there. Its the sort of thing that some people wish teleporting could just take care of already. Physically, I guess its hard to not ever feel that way; there are few cures for long days besides sleep. But mentally, I allow the possibility that my regular travel, and the time Ill collectively spend on it, can amount to something more. I thus turn those train trips into exercises in mindfulness. Mindfulness, as a psychological and even spiritual phenomenon, is a quality I learned in earnest during yoga and meditation classes, which I took during the 4th quarter of sophomore year. Descriptions of it involve anything from bringing ones complete attention to the present experience on a moment-to-moment basis, to a nonelaborative, nonjudgmental awareness in which the objects of your attention are simply accepted as they are. Im not an avid practitioner of mindfulness, but when I turned to it in the midst of a hectic semester, it allowed me to maintain my composure, to make things feel a bit happier and nicer. Wanting to find that state en route to work, I started firing up that present moment mentality each morning, moving my focus to the views outside. Judging from the fact that I am now writing about a train ride with a sense of mirth, I think its working. Every now and then during those rides, I also take time on other things, most of which involve books. In the past month or so, Ive finished Siddhartha (an absolutely wonderful book that Im just dying to read again!), picked up (and am steadily working through) an anthology of essays and poems on medicine, and bought on impulse the story of a Redditors transnational trip on a train.  I actually started reading that last one today, prompting me to post. You could say its how I boarded my train of thought today.  (I swear I didnt just make this post to say that.) Ive just really grown to like trains. Theyre a nice way to get around, because you leave the driving to someone else, and get a decent amount of legroom (and time to yourself) in the process. That, I think, is a detail that can get lost if you see such travel time as time that becomes irredeemable and forever lost in service of some other stuff you have to do, rather than as a vacancy in your schedule thats dedicated to you. I guess the same thing applies to any period where you find yourself waiting. Are you truly inconvenienced by some delay, or have you just not thought of some way to take care of yourself or embark on some self-improvement that you could be doing right then and there? The answer to that one, Ive found, is entirely up to you.

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Theodore Roosevelt vs Woodrow Wilson Essay - 880 Words

Compare and contrast the foreign policies of Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. Which do you think was a more effective president? Why? In foreign affairs, the white mans burden helped to justify Roosevelts New Imperialism in foreign policy. Uncivilized nations would gain eventual independence once they had conformed to the American model of government and democracy. Roosevelts corollary to the Monroe Doctrine set up the U.S. as policeman in the western hemisphere. Under TR, the U.S. empire extended to include the Philippines, Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. He also oversaw the building of the Panama Canal, a tremendous feat that enhanced U.S. commerce immeasurably. On the other side, Wilson was†¦show more content†¦Private patriotic organizations persecuted dissenters and anyone suspected of political radicalism, and the administration sponsored Espionage and Sedition Acts that outlawed criticism of the government, the armed forces, and the war effort. Violators of the law were imprisoned or fined, and even mainstream publications were censored or banned. In January 1918, Wilson made a major speech to Congress in which he laid out Fourteen Points that he believed would, if made the basis of a postwar peace, prevent future wars. Trade restrictions and secret alliances would be abolished, armaments would be curtailed, colonies and the national states that made up the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires would be set on the road to independence, the German-occupied portions of France and Belgium would be evacuated, the revolutionary government of Russia would be welcomed into the community of nations, and a League of Nations would be created to maintain the peace. Believing that this revolutionary program required his personal support, Wilson decided that he would lead the American peace delegation to Paris, becoming the first President ever to go to Europe while in office. Despite Wilsons best efforts, however, the Treaty of Versailles, signed in June 1919, departed significantlyShow MoreRelatedRoosevelt vs. Wilson Essay514 Words   |à ‚  3 PagesRoosevelt vs. Wilson Two great men, two great presidents, led our nations to excellency and great success. Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson were hard working, intelligent men who were very familiar, but were also different in many aspects. Through their dedication to our country and their passion of politics they have made our country better. There were many similarities between Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. The special relationship with their fathers was a quality thatRead MoreTruman vs. Roosevelt in Progressivism Essay833 Words   |  4 PagesTruman vs. Roosevelt in Progressivism Theodore Roosevelts New Nationalism and Woodrow Wilsons New Freedom were revolutionary thoughts in the early part of the 20th century. Well ahead of its time were the economic intervention policies introduced by these Presidents to transform America into a strong and fair country. The main concern of these progressives was the abuse of power by government and businesses. Even though Wilsons plan and Roosevelts plan would differ in several waysRead MoreApush Chapter 29 Study Guide1186 Words   |  5 Pageson a case by case basis to determine if a company was being just. 2. Educational and political career of Woodrow Wilson (chronology) and origins- Once his father became a minister of the First Presbyterian Church, the family moved to Augusta, Georgia. In 1870, his family moved to Columbia, South Carolina, and then to Wilmington, North Carolina, in 1874. Later in life, Dr. Woodrow Wilson, a mild conservative turned militant progressive. Beginning professional life as an academic lecturer, in 1902Read MoreThe Gilded Age : A Powerhouse Rose From The Ashes Of The Civil War871 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"It was the Farmers Alliance that was the core of the great movement of the 1880s and 1890s later known as the Populist Movement.† (Zinn). The Populist Party was against businesses whose practices were biased. You can describe Populist vs Progressives as Rural vs Urban. â€Å"Now, as a political party, they became the People s party (or Populist Party),† (Zinn). Expansion and Development were key components of the social uprising. Northern States saw the most significant increase in their populationRead More Wilson vs. Roosevelt Essay724 Words   |  3 PagesWilson vs. Roosevelt In the first two decades of the twentieth century the national political scene reflected a growing American belief in the ideas of the Progressive movement. This movement was concerned with fundamental social and economic reforms and gained in popularity under two presidents. Yet Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson espoused two different approaches to progressive reform. And each one was able to prevail upon congress to pass legislation in keeping with his own versionRead MoreThe Progressive Movement Of American Society2848 Words   |  12 PagesAmendment that prohibited the sale and drinking of alcohol. 3- Women focused their changes on family-oriented ills such as child labor made major improvements in the fight against child labor and Muller vs. Oregon granted laws that protected women workers. Question # 2 Five incredible achievements of Roosevelt s presidency included the construction of the Panama Canal, the negotiations of the Square Deal, breaking up illegal trust agreements, the New Deal, and raising awareness of foreign relations. TheRead MoreThe Between 1877 And 1920 Essay1519 Words   |  7 Pageson the other hand, used the strategy of â€Å"vertical integration† which came about with Andrew Carnegie in 1873. 2. How did American Imperialism near the turn of the 20th century represent a new Manifest Destiny? How did Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and Woodrow Wilson bring the progressive movement to their respective foreign policy initiatives? American Imperialism represented a new Manifest Destiny in several ways. For one thing, it wasn’t limited to the American continent. AmericaRead MoreAll The King s Men By Robert Penn Warren889 Words   |  4 Pagesin him. This is also related to the election talked about in class when Woodrow Wilson won. Woodrow Wilson won the election because the Republican Party split their votes between Theodore Roosevelt and William Taft. This shows how politicians were nasty toward each other because Taft and Roosevelt respected each other that all changed when Taft beat out Roosevelt for the Republican Party representatives. After this Roosevelt begins to talk bad about Taft every chance he got. Finally, education isRead MoreCompare Theodore Roosevelts Square Deal with Woodrow Wilsons New Freedom. Who was more of a progressive?1872 Words   |  8 PagesTheodore Roosevelts Square Deal and Woodrow Wilsons New Freedom, were both programs of reform. Roosevelt covered more areas of reform than Wilson (who focused mainly on economy), and was more of a progressive than Wilson was. As a governor and the first president of the era, Roosevelt set a terrific example of what a president of this time should do. Progressing from bad, and implementing various reforms to do so defined the era. These two programs are comparable in the areas of antitrustRead MoreThe Progressive Era1825 Words   |  8 Pagessingle event or person, but it certainly experienced multiple events and people who swam with high velocity in the sea of reformation. People such as Jane Addams, Teddy Roosevelt, and W.E.B DuBois led the progressive movement with their outspoken ideas and impact on the era. Events and wo rks such as The Jungle by Upton Sinclair, Muller vs Oregon, and the Clayton Antitrust Act stand out as important and pivotal to the era. Between 1900 and 1920, many successful attempts at progressive legislature were

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Acting With Integrity And Fairness Essay - 847 Words

Professional Growth Plan #3 - Final Reflective Essay Acting with Integrity and Fairness and in Ethical Manner ELCC (Educational Leadership Constituent Council) Standard 5 defines and describes Acting with Integrity and Fairness and in Ethical Manner as â€Å"A school administrator is an educational leader who promotes the success of all students and staff by acting with integrity and fairness and in an ethical manner†. The administrator treats people fairly, equitably, and with dignity and respect. The leader protects the rights and confidentiality of the students and staff. The educational leader also demonstrates appreciation for sensitivity to diversity. With the help of the school supervisor, I have developed two goals for this project, and they are: 1.The student intern will learn about the due process procedures for student discipline, and 2.The student intern will review the current administration of student discipline and attendance policies. Administrators come across situations every day that demand due process. As an instructional leader, the principal should treat everyone fairly and procedurally. I have examined the laws of Due Process and their application at Palmetto School. This project benefitted me in learning about the due process procedures for student discipline and create a guide to assist the staff in understanding due process. As part of my evaluation, I have interviewed the assistant principal, character coach, a regular education teacher, a specialShow MoreRelatedCourage in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay704 Words   |  3 Pagesdemonstrates that acting courageously can lead to an improved, sustained, or newly developed personal integrity. Jean Louise Finch responds to her own acts of courage by finding her righteous moral ground. The young Finch girl stepped between a potentially violent conflict, between Atticus and a group of male residents of Maycomb. Scout approached the conflict frightened, and still decided to intervene, mistaking her courage for foolishness. Jean Louise later comes to believe acting courageously isRead MoreInjustice Is Unlawful Or Unethical Acts That Are Not Treated Or Punished?1293 Words   |  6 Pagestreated or punished the correct way. Integrity and fairness are what I believe have the most impact on the way a person will read and react to injustice. Integrity is the ability to be truthful and honorable to a set of morals that each person grows up to believe. Making a decision without having bias towards a side would considered fair. Clarkson, a prestigious school, is still prone to white supremacy. Being able to teach students these values, integrity and fairness, would lead to a stop t o the racismRead MoreIsllc Stardard Five857 Words   |  4 PagesRunning head: CLC: ISLLC STANDARD FIVE Unwrapping the Standards: Standard Five Standard #5: (Integrity) A school administrator is an education leader who promotes the success of all students by acting with integrity, fairness, and in an ethical manner. | Knowledge | Skills | Enduring Understanding | Essential Questions | Administrators will know†¦. | Administrator will be able to†¦. | Administrators will understand that†¦ | | the purpose of educational programs and accountability forRead MoreDefining Police Ethics And Ethics1044 Words   |  5 Pagesdeveloped, and personalities are based on values and ethics. Values are measured as the guide that allows us to be able to make decisions. Ethics is a system of moral principles. Acting upon what is right and wrong is a simpler way of defining ethics. If a person is acting in an unethical way, it means that they are acting indecent and is disobeying his or her values. Ethics are about a person’s actions and behavior, and values are about a person’s beliefs. Values are considered to be the thin lineRead MoreMy Career As A Public Servant1670 Words   |  7 PagesPublic relations Introduction The course in public administration has prepared me for my career as a college professor. I have learned how to act responsibly, ethically, and with integrity in my career as a public servant. I now understand that a public officer is responsible for her actions and outcome of her actions. She is responsible to the public, the employees she is mandated to serve and to his superiors or the governing body that outlines the organizational policy. A public officer shouldRead MoreEssay about Elements of a Common Ethics Program, A List of Elements794 Words   |  4 Pageshighest ethics of skilled integrity and ethics in the professional community. Continuing and improving our outstanding character is vital to our accomplishments. The company’s focus is on our customers, results and acting with fairness, honesty and integrity. At all times during business dealings and relationships an employee is to demonstrate these values. 1) Honesty- Always be honest in your actions. Never make false or lying statements to anyone. 2) Integrity- Make sure to do the rightRead More7 army values806 Words   |  4 Pagesmission requirements. Meet professional standards. Set the example. Comply with policies and directives. Continually pursue excellence. RESPECT Leaders who demonstrate respect: Treat people as they should be treated. Create a climate of fairness and equal opportunity. Are discreet and tactful when correcting or questioning others. Show concern for and make an effort to check on the safety and well-being of others. Are courteous. Dont take advantage of positions of authority. SELFLESSRead MoreThe Principle Of The Global Business Standards Codex1504 Words   |  7 Pagesloan from the government and this lead to a reform of the way they do business. They had to improve the product, change the way employees conducted themselves, and create a better public image. In 2011 the new employee conduct code, â€Å"Winning with Integrity†, was revamped and improved. With improved guidelines on how employees should conduct themselves on social media, with the press, and aligning their code of conduct with the eight principles in the Global Business Standards Codex. General MotorsRead MoreAccounts: Ethics and Integrity685 Words   |  3 Pagesï » ¿Accounts ethics Integrity is a quality that is characterized by reliability, honesty and fairness that has been developed in relationships over time. It is a concept where there is consistency in actions, principles, measures, values, outcomes, expectations and methods used. Professional integrity is very important when it comes to personal credibility as well as professional success when it comes to the world of business. Integrity will enable someone to build relationships that are effectiveRead MoreEssay The Insufficiency of Honesty621 Words   |  3 PagesStephen L. Carter links integrity and honesty. There are three constraints discussed in this essay. First, integrity does require a degree of moral reflectiveness. Second, Integrity may cause conflict that is must be resolved. It does not necessarily produce or protect interpersonal harmony. Third, a person who has integrity can be trusted. It does not avoid the restructuring of social structures and associations, because it leaves the matter to exercise of interpersonal authority. He states that

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Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps Free Essays

Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps Take the women into the armed service, who then will do the cooking, the washing, the mending, the humble and homey tasks to which every woman has devoted herself? From the mouth of a man who was against women joining the Armed Forces of the United States during World Wars I (WWI) and II (WWII) (Monahan). In 1917, thousands of women served during World War I (WWI), constantly fighting a battle to become part of the United States Army, a battle they were not winning (Monahan). They were nursing, supporting and helping the military forces overseas, but they were not recognized. We will write a custom essay sample on Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps or any similar topic only for you Order Now During that time period many Army Officers put formal requests into the War Department to allow the recruitment and enlistment of women, trying to create a bill to establish a Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC). Secretary of War, Newton D. Baker, disagreed with this suggestion of a bill and the requests to establish a women’s service corps within the U. S. Army (Monahan). After the war was over the push for a WAAC was forgotten, out of sight out of mind, until World War II. The basis of the WAAC was to allow women into the Army and to try to create an equal environment for men and women from which the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence says we are built upon. When WWII kicked off women were not considered part of the Army, but they were allowed to help with many different roles. This time period posed many opportunities for American women, both domestically as well as roles they could play in the war. A big issue that dominated women’s lives during this period was how to combine home-life with the new demands of the war economy in the public’s eyes. Women had made a few gains between WWI and WWII in the military in terms of the political influence; female workers were utilized for short-term gains during the war, with a long-term goal of seeing women return to the domestic sphere and reinforcing traditional gender roles (Crockrord). Women who chose to help the military in times of war had to obtain their own food and quarters, they had no legal protection or medical care and most importantly they were not entitled to any type of disability benefits or pensions the Veterans were entitled to (Holm). Congresswoman, Edith Nourse Rogers of Massachusetts was determined to change this, she introduced a bill on May 28, 1941, to establish a Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps, and the bill eventually succeeded because there was no hint of full status for women; which meant women would be ecognized as supporting the Army but they would still not be a part of the Army (Holm). She felt women and men should have the same benefits and should be treated equally. When the final bill for the WAAC was presented both sides had to compromise, the women and the men’s side serving in the military (Bellafaire). The bill passed, and the bill passing meant that women would be allowed to serve with the Army but they still would no t receive the same pay or promotions and lot of the benefits that the men received. They did however receive food, uniforms, living quarters, minimal pay and medical care. There was also a lot of focus on preventing women from attaining high rank and on placing women in positions where they could give orders to men (Bellafaire). For example, although the duties of a WAAC first officer were comparable to those of a male captain, she received pay equivalent to that of a male first lieutenant (Bellafaire). Unfortunately, there were still many things that women had to overcome serving with the military. Men constantly criticized female soldiers, saying that they needed to be home with their family and community. They didn’t want a change and women in the military represented just that. The Office of Censorship ran a pole and discovered 84 percent of soldiers’ letters mentioning the WAAC were unfavorable (Bellafaire). They were questioning the moral values of women attracted to the military service and passed these beliefs to their families at home (Bellafaire). One of the biggest challenges that were faced with the WAAC was the rumors. Most of the rumors were started because they many were trying to force women back to â€Å"their domestic lifestyles† (Bellafaire). Many men started to say women of the WAAC were pregnant or were prostitutes; the women were often returned home based on the rumors and not factual evidence (Bellafaire). One story that was told was that any soldier seen dating a WAAC would be seized by Army authorities and provided with medical treatment (Bellafaire). Though there were many rumors about the WAAC and they were under serious scrutiny, Congress opened a hearing in March 1943 on the conversion of the WAAC into the Regular Army, hoping that it would help to mitigate the rumors and help the women become more of an integral part of the Army (Holm). Army leaders asked for the authority to convert the WAAC into the Women’s Army Corps, which would be part of the Army itself rather than merely serving with it (Holm). On July 3, 1943 the WAC was signed into law and all WAAC’s were given the choice of joining the Army as a member of the WAC or returning to civilian life. Many decided to join, 25 percent decided to leave the service (Bellafaire). Women in the military have been an instrumental part of our history. The WAAC was the first step for them becoming part of the military. Looking at the bigger picture, whether women were a part of the WAAC, the WAC or just the plain old Army today there will always be a place for women. Even in today’s world women constantly have to fight for their roles and to prove themselves. The Declaration of Independents states, we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal (Jefferson), â€Å"men† is all people, including women. It is always a constant battle for equality, the WAAC was a positive step in that direction and it has only gotten better. Works Cited Bellafaire, Judith. â€Å"The Women’s Army Corps: A Commemoration of World War II Service. † www. history. army. mil/brochures/WAC/WAC. htm. CHM Publication, 17 Feb. 2005. Web. 29 June 2012. Crockrord, Vanessa. â€Å"Oveta Culp Hobby and Her â€Å"Lieutenants† Transformational Leadership in Action in the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps of World War II. † Dissertation. 2003. Electronic. 29 June 2012. Holm, Jeanne. Women in the Military: An Unfinished Revolution. Novato: Presidio Press, 1982. Print. Monahan, Evelyn. A Few Good Women. New York: Random House, 2010. Print. 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The Influence of Celebrities on People free essay sample

Celebrities don’t only influence people with words, they make gestures of support and charitable actions showing a good example for young teens. Michael Jackson donated $300 million dollars to various charities. Whether or not he did this, as an act of kindness is irrelevant. If people less fortunate then we are benefiting from his wealth then why would we worry about something as irrelevant as his intentions? Oprah Winfrey donates $40 million dollars to multiple charities every single year, she also has a $1 billion dollar cheque on her will for numerous charities. If you know the first thing about Oprah Winfrey, you know her intentions are as pure as her heart. If you want your life to be more rewarding, you have to change the way you think. And change is what she did, she changed the world. Oprah is an iconic celebrity whom teenagers can look up to for support, as a guide, or even just as a human who still has good left in her heart. We will write a custom essay sample on The Influence of Celebrities on People or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Quora described Oprah as the most influential and successful woman in media then followed with Oprah Winfrey has influenced the way women think, talk, eat, study, shop, exercise, and lead. Another prime example is Emma Watson, in September 2014, she started her campaign called He For She, Emma Watson is all for gender equality and is encouraging the world to be too. Emma Watson believes It is a time we all see gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of opposite deals. She isnt just targeting women either, she is promoting males to take the pledge.We all make choices in our life; get drunk or stay sober, buy a house or rent a house. All these little things help make up the person you are right now. So just take a moment to think, you choose to watch and listen to celebrities make mistakes, and you alone choose to copy them or ignore them. So at the end of the day the only person you can blame is yourself.